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Internationalization Company potential analysis 



To be successful in its internationalization strategy, Company Potential for Export (WHAT) and most attractive Markets WHERE this potential could be better exploited to generate additional Business, need to be clearly identified.
During this phase, Internationalization Project Scope, Targets and Business Objectives must be clearly defined.

Ausglobe Team can support your Company initiatives abroad, providing a Complete INTERNATIONALIZATION FEASIBILITY STUDY fully tailored on your specific needs:

  • Company Export Potential assessment : Products range, Services, Business Model, etc.
  • Identification of Internationalization Company scope : Targets products, services, etc
  • International market scenarios overview
  • Identification of Target Countries/Regions
  • Macro-economic Analysis of Target Countries
  • Preliminary Analysis of Industry sector attractiveness related to Target Products/Services
  • Possible Entry Barriers analysis
  • Target Products/Services – Countries SWOT analysis
  • Identification of most attractive INTERNATIONALIZATION Options and BUSINESS MODEL definition


Target Countries Entry Strategy development 



Once identified Target Countries and Company Internationalization Model, LOCAL COMPETITIVE SCENARIO must be carefully analyzed .

A Clear OPERATIVE STRATEGY definition to develop all necessary COMPETITIVE LEVERAGES and evaluate related possible Investment BUDGET impact will guarantee a FAST and EFFECTIVE future implementation phase.

Ausglobe Team can effectively support your Internationalization project providing all necessary “on site” detailed LOCAL ANALYSIS for your Target Markets:

  • LOCAL MARKET analysis for target Products/Services to be exported in terms of :

          - IMPORT/EXPORT analysis

          - Potential Business Volumes

  • Local Competitive Scenario analysis
  • Potential Market size : Total, Accessible , Market shares, etc
  • Main Market Segments identification
  • Potential Customers identification
  • “Channels to Market” analysis
  • Main needed Market Leverages definition
  • Local norms and regulations detailed analysis
  • Market Segmentation and possible Opportunity Niches identification
  • Products/Services Positioning
  • Global Sales Target definition
  • Internationalization project Costs analysis and investment Budget definition
  • “Go to market” Strategy and related Action Plan definition


Competitive Leverage set-up and Internationalization project start-up.



An effective and efficient START-UP phase preparation with a proper set-up of all necessary Competitive Leverages, constitutes a crucial step for a successful Internationalization process.

Ausglobe Team can actively support your Company with all necessary LOCAL activities for an effective and successful Internationalization Project LAUNCHING:

  • Set-up of most appropriate Local Operational Unit in line with specific projects needs (Commercial Office, Operative Branch, Local Company, Official Agency etc.)
  • Local Country legal requirements Detailed Analysis
  • Set-up and execution of a proper Launching Campaign in line with Market needs and Company specific Strength points on Local competitive scenario.
  • Local tenders detailed specification analysis for Project Business
  • Local Pre-qualification and/or Certification process preparation and follow-up
  • Technical and Promotional documentation preparation in Local Language according to specific Local Market requirements.
  • Local Launching Campaign and related Marketing activities organization
  • Marketing & Communication Plan set-up and implementation
  • Research and Selection of Local Skilled Personnel , where needed
  • Set-up , organization , training and coaching of Local Sales Team
  • Appropriate Logistic Model set-up in line with business needs



Local Commercial Activity Implementation




To set-up an efficient and effective Local Commercial Activity in new markets is not so evident.
Very often in-house Company management needs Local Support to effectively and efficiently perform in New Commercial environments where an ‘in deep’ knowledge and constant proximity to Local Customers are clear keys for success and for a sustainable business growth.

Ausglobe Team can support your Company providing an extensive range of LOCAL COMMERCIAL SERVICES in order to optimize its presence in New Target Markets:

  • Set-up and execution of Detailed Commercial Plan structured by :

          - Product ranges
          - Commercial Channels
          - Market Segments
          - Geographic Areas

  • Definition of Sales Volumes Targets
  • Identification of Key customers and relevant follow-up based on specific “Account Plans” implementation.
  • Opportunity / Projects Scouting activities
  • Full development of all necessary Commercial Local Leverages
  • Possible Local follow-up of Company direct Commercial actions
  • Technical commercial Activity for Local Customer support
  • Technical Promotion and Specification Activity
  • Technical/commercial Local support to “Proposal/Quotation”activity
  • Local Sales Management: Coordination of Direct or Indirect Local Sales force.
  • Local Account Management : possible direct follow-up of Local Major Customers
  • Local Promotional Events, Exhibitions/Fairs Organization
  • Assistance to Customer Factory visits abroad
  • CRM
  • Personalized Sales Services tailored on specific Company needs.


Company "Operations" localization and "After sales support" services 



New markets often offer great opportunities in terms of:

-  PRODUCTION LOCALIZATION in low-cost man power countries
-  Local Direct Commercial Activity Consolidation
-  AFTER SALES SERVICES  Local availability.

Ausglobe Team can support your Company in New Markets Full OPERATION LOCALIZATION for Business Consolidation, Sustainable Growth and Profitability enhancement, providing a wide range of personalized local services tailored on your specific needs:

  • Legal & Administration assistance for Local Operational Units set-up like Commercial Office, Operative Branch, Local Company, etc.
  • Set-up and Implementation of Localization Projects :

          - Local Production Units (Manufacturing, Assembly, others)

          - Local Stock and Logistic operations

          - Local Procurement services for “Supply Chain” optimization

  • Set-up and implementation of Local After Sales Service units : workshop, service centers, skilled man power research, etc
  • On site identification of Best location for localization project
  • Localization Feasibility Study
  • Project detailed design and implementation
  • Local partnerships identification and follow-up
  • Identification and Follow-up for Local Localization incentives applications (Free trade zones, etc)
  • Local Administration and “Cash Collection”services