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Process and Logistic

Process and Logistic

Process Engineering Design




From many years involved in some of the most innovative food and beverage processes redesign. We definitely love to be part of the development team of medium and big, local and international company. We are proud to have assisted the relaunch of old technologies and to have experienced very new application implementation.



Existing process upgrading





In consolidated market details are key. when marginality is low, you must be ready to rethink  at your process and update all equipment and technology; the objective is clear: efficiency and efficacy for a high quality and safe product.

Material Handling and inbound logistic


The optimization of material and document flows is a big advantage for industrial cost reduction. It is a matter of automation but not only that. The ability to control flows helps in managing controlling activities, in reducing time to market and dropping stocks in other word it is a way to find cash to finance your business.





You must be concentrated in activities that generate value; whatever is not key should be automated.


Outbound logistic, warehousing and distribution flow



From a commercial point of view every customer must be served with the same product and the same quality wherever it is located. Sometimes you are obliged to find a compromise in order to avoid conditions where distribution costs exceed your operational margin. The ability to design the optimal distribution scheme, Warehouse, Distribution Center and Product Factory Terminal , is strategic and in Ausglobe Team we have done some good works in such direction.  





Food and Beverage 


Milk and derivate

Fruit and vegetables


Bread, pasta and bakery products

Fish and meat




Green Chemicals & Cosmetics



Food supplement

Functional food

Oleo chemical

Emulsifiers, stabilizer, preservative

Flavoring agents, fragrances,


Case history: Plasmon dietetici alimentari